Why Choose Us?

Not All Law Firms Are The Same

If you've already explored other websites looking for legal services, or this is  your first stop, you've probably discovered following things in common from one law firm to the next:

  1. Each firm is promoting who they are and what they do.   The emphasis is completely on them, not you.
  2. They tend to provide brief summaries of basic legal information, which, in general, is pretty the same from site to site.

We believe in practicing law tailored to each client as an individual.  Yes, you will find the same common things here that you find elsewhere.  But, we distinguish ourselves from the others in unique ways so we can bring the best in service to each client we serve.

Check out the drop-down links under this heading to explore how we are different from the rest in each practice area.  We are confident you will not find other law firms breaking new ground to not only resolve your problem today, but to improve your tomorrow.

"Every client is a partner" is more than a slogan to us.  It's the way we do business.


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Creditors use their attorneys to fight against you to try and garnish wages, sue you, put a lien on your real estate, or levy your bank accounts. Our experienced team is equipped to protect you from collections and get you a fresh start.


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Sadly, a divorce can be one of the most emotional experience in one's life. We offer experienced guidance and aggressive representation to navigate you through this complex so you know what to expect and that your rights are protected.

Estate Planning

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Protecting your lifetime of hard work to take care of your family requires proper planning. Our team asks questions and listens carefully to your concerns, so you can be assured that your goals are met and your family is secure.