Probate Law

Representing administrators in court

Contesting wills

Helping guardians/conservators

Paying creditors and taxes

Probate Law Services by Equal Justice Law Group

Probate – we've all heard the term yet unless you've gone through the process, it's probably an undefined concept to you.

Simply put, probate is the process by which a court supervises the transfer of assets from a deceased person's estate to their intended beneficiaries (if there is a will). No will? The probate court then decides how the property will be distributed, while ensuring the estate's taxes and creditors are paid in an appropriate order.

Equal Justice Law Group and our attorney, David Foyil, are an experienced team skilled in navigating every phase of probate. From dealing with simple, uncontested probates to complex holdings with wills, trusts and possible challenges, our team is ready to handle your case with professionalism and courtesy.

Our probate services include:

  • Representing administrators of wills in the probate process; we secure bonds, account for assets and property, and prepare tax forms for you
  • Representing heirs and beneficiaries in the contesting of wills
  • Helping people who wish to become guardians or conservators of incapacitated parents or children
  • Determining appropriate creditors, debts, inheritance taxes and fees — and paying them accordingly

No matter how long a probate takes, Equal Justice Law Group and attorney David Foyil will maintain open communication with all parties. We have decades of experience in handling estate administration and asset protection. We are here to help you deal with probate decisively and effectively, eliminating the stress that comes from such an experience.

Contact Equal Justice Law Group today. With offices in Sacramento, Sutter Creek and Placerville, we're nearby and ready to serve you.

And as always, your case evaluation and initial consultation are both confidential and absolutely free.


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Creditors use their attorneys to fight against you to try and garnish wages, sue you, put a lien on your real estate, or levy your bank accounts. Our experienced team is equipped to protect you from collections and get you a fresh start.


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Sadly, a divorce can be one of the most emotional experience in one's life. We offer experienced guidance and aggressive representation to navigate you through this complex so you know what to expect and that your rights are protected.

Estate Planning

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Protecting your lifetime of hard work to take care of your family requires proper planning. Our team asks questions and listens carefully to your concerns, so you can be assured that your goals are met and your family is secure.