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Guardianships and Conservatorships by Equal Justice Law Group

Someone you love has become increasingly incapable of caring for themselves. Their money management is unpredictable, and they face a possibility of losing their assets to those who might prey upon them.

This scenario is more common than you may think. Every year, thousands of Californians lose their ability to live or operate independently, due to declining mental or physical faculties.

And that's where guardianships and conservatorships come into the picture.

Equal Justice Law Group focuses on helping families with these difficult situations. While it may feel as though you are taking freedom away from someone by establishing a guardianship or conservatorship, you are actually empowering them to live their life without worry or concern.

There are two ways to establish decision-making authority for an elderly person, a vulnerable adult or special needs child:

  1. A power of attorney can be enacted by your loved one during the estate planning process;
  2. A guardianship or conservatorship can be enacted by the court for those unable to make estate planning decisions

Guardians Protect People

Guardianships protect people. They are designed to help those who cannot perform everyday tasks to care for themselves – from bathing to medication to running a household.

Guardianships ensure your loved one receives the personal and medical care they require.

To learn more, contact Equal Justice Law Group today. We are ready to discuss your situation in a caring and confidential manner.

Conservators Manage Assets

Conservatorships protect assets. They are designed to protect (“conserve”) the assets of those who are unable to handle their personal expenses, their assets and estates. Whether elderly, infirm or mentally incapable, they are vulnerable to those who would prey on their weaknesses.

Conservatorships protect the assets of your loved ones by giving control to a trusted family member or individual.

To learn more, contact Equal Justice Law Group today. We are ready to discuss your situation in a caring and confidential manner.


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