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Child Support Representation by Equal Justice Law Group

When divorce happens to a family with children, child support becomes one of the key elements of the divorce proceedings and settlement.

Equal Justice Law Group focuses on divorce and child support matters, with our attorney, David Foyil, having served thousands of clients over two decades of legal experience.

Strictly speaking, California law places an obligation on both parents to support their child after divorce. However, in virtually all cases, one parent becomes the support mechanism, providing monthly payments for child support to the ex-spouse.

At Equal Justice Law Group, we deal in divorce and child support issues by using a friendly, non-judgmental approach to each case. Our attorney, David Foyil, will personally meet with you to discuss solutions and strategies, and will be available to you, every step of the way.

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California Child Support Guidelines

Unless you strike a court-approved agreement with your ex-spouse, California residents involved in child support proceeds will be subject to a statutory formula to calculate the amount of monthly support. Primary factors include monthly income of the parents and the percentage of time the child lives with each. Other factors include:

  • Support payments received from others
  • Support payments paid to others
  • Cost of health insurance
  • Number of biological children residing in household
  • Child care expenses
  • Mandatory payments (e.g. union dues, retirement)

Additional Payments and Obligations

Beyond what the state formula demands, there may be additional obligations and costs assessed by the court. One example might be uninsured medical costs; in most cases, this is split 50-50 between the parents.

In addition, there may arise other costs and obligations which one or both parents may agree to cover, such as after-school activities for children, private tuition costs, and other similar expenses.

Contact Equal Justice Law Group to learn more about additional support obligations.


Life has a way of throwing us curves at times, and court-ordered child support plans can be modified accordingly.

Any number of variables can arise in your life, causing an impact on your ability to pay the agreed-to support. These can include:

  • A loss of income on the part of the non-custodial parent (typically, the one paying child support)
  • A significant change in parenting time – such as when the child moves away
  • A complete change in the child's living situation – such as when the child moves in with the formerly non-custodial parent fulltime

Although child support is controlled by statutory guidelines, it is not written in stone. Know your rights when you contact Equal Justice Law Group.


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