Financial Recovery Is A Multi-Step Approach

In considering bankruptcy to solve your financial crisis, you should consider this as your first step in a process.  

Most, if not all, other law firms approach your problem by signing you up as a client, collecting your fees, rushing you through court, and then you rarely, if ever, hear from them again.

After a bankruptcy, there Will be questions that you will very likely need help with:

  1. What happens to my credit score, and what, if anything, do I need to do to repair my credit?
  2. What's the best way to avoid debt going forward?
  3. How do I tackle critical financial goals for retirement, college funding, tax reduction, estate planning (probate avoidance), long term care planning, or planning a major purchase ?

Some or all of these issues may be of concern to you.   In most cases, if you do not have at net worth of at least $250,000, excluding your home, no financial advisor will take the time to discuss your financial concerns.  Where's your attorney when you need help?

We are proud to partner with leading financial experts that can assist our clients with their financial goals after their legal case is completed.

At Equal Justice Law Group, "Every client is a partner!"   We want you to be our partner for life.


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Creditors use their attorneys to fight against you to try and garnish wages, sue you, put a lien on your real estate, or levy your bank accounts. Our experienced team is equipped to protect you from collections and get you a fresh start.


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Sadly, a divorce can be one of the most emotional experience in one's life. We offer experienced guidance and aggressive representation to navigate you through this complex so you know what to expect and that your rights are protected.

Estate Planning

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Protecting your lifetime of hard work to take care of your family requires proper planning. Our team asks questions and listens carefully to your concerns, so you can be assured that your goals are met and your family is secure.